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Custom Services

It has become a trend for researchers to outsource part of their research projects to companies specializing in respective technologies. By outsourcing, researchers avoid the learning curve and trouble-shooting associated with the technologies while getting high quality end-products (data or products) and excellent technical support from the custom service companies. With this researchers can focus on analyzing data and other more important aspects of the research project.

In-line with our company's value of " inspire biodiscovery " Genomax Technologies, working in partnership with companies specializing in custom service overseas, is offering a comprehensive range of custom services to cater for your research needs.

Custom Microarray Service - GX, miRNA, aCGH, ChIP-on-chip & Methylation

Handled by experienced scientist right from the experiment design stage, the all in mircoarray service enables researchers to obtain microarray data of their samples in 3 weeks without the hassle of optimization and troubleshooting. Agilent's in-situ synthesis 60-mer oligo microarray will be used to ensure highest quality and consistency. Amplification of limited starting materials and custom data analysis and clustering are available as options.

Custom cDNA library Construction Service

Using proprietary technology, full-length cDNA library can be constructed using as little as 50ng of RNA as starting materials. cDNA library will be constructed using vectors of your choice to cater for your diverse research needs. For scientists who intend to embark on EST project, custom cDNA Normalization Service using proprietary protocol is available.

Custom Subtractive Hybridization Service (SSH)

Subtractive cDNA hybridization is a powerful tool in the identification and analysis of differentially expressed cDNAs. However the process is tedious and requires optimization to achieve the desirable level of subtraction especially for low abundance genes. The Custom Subractive Hybridization Service, performed by the experience scientists, will include cDNA synthesis, subtraction using Suppression Subtractive Hybidization method, construction of subtracted library and differential screening of the subtracted library.

In fact we support various stages in transcriptome sequencing and analysis of uncharacterized genome. Please contact us for technical assistance of your transcriptome project.

Custom Antibody Production

A comprehensive custom peptide antibody production service at economical price. Service will cover peptide selection advice, peptide synthesis, peptide coupling, immunization on 2 rabbits using standard protocol.

You may want to use Ab Search! To conduct a search for the antibodies of your interest before deciding to custom antibodies production service.

Ab Search! Antibody Search Service

We provide you with free service to locate the antibodies of your interest. We first search the antibodies from the 16,500 antibodies collection from Acris Gmb and many more from our preferred partners worldwide. Should the antibodies not available, we will recommend the sources where you can obtain them, including from other competitor companies.

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    25 January 2017
    Manchester, UK, 24th January 2017 - Elucigene Diagnostics, developer and distributor of leading prenatal and human genetics diagnostics have today partnered with Genomax Technologies, to bring Elucigene leading brands such as CFEU2v1 and QST*R, to Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand.